You need landscaping equipment to transport material?

Transport TAG recently renewed its fleet of vehicles to better meet your needs with regards to bulk trucking. We offer a turnkey service for small or large volume bulk transportation everywhere on the south shore and in Montreal. 

Quality Products and Landscaping Material at Competitive Prices

All products and landscaping material offered in bulk by Transport TAG have been meticulously analyzed to ensure they meet industry requirements and the parameters listed on the technical sheets. 

0″—1/8″ Stone Dust

Stone dust is used to produce a very stable and impermeable sub-layer. It is an essential step when installing flagstones, patio stones, paving stones or even above ground pools. Stone dust is also recommended to fill spaces between flagstones or flat stones used in landscaping.  

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We offer two types of soil mixes to meet your needs, which are especially recommended when laying sod. Grade A topsoil is made with 70% black soil, 20% peat moss and 10% compost, whereas grade B topsoil is made with a mixture of sifted brown soil, sand and black soil. 

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0″— 3/4″ Stone — Recycled Concrete

This type of stone is used as a foundation for sheds and for any project requiring a gravel base suitable for compacting. 0″ — 3/4″ recycled concrete is also recommended to create paths and trails. 

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3/4″ Clean Crushed Stone

Crushed stone is mainly used to ensure proper water drainage and is usually installed behind supporting walls to prevent runoffs towards buildings. This type of landscaping material can also be used to install agricultural drains, under flagstones, patios and permeable foundations. 

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Garden Soil

Garden soil is a ready-to-use soil mix containing nutrients such as compost that is rich in organic matter. It is suitable to all types of soils. Garden soil is ideal for flower bed, vegetable gardens or for planting flowers, trees or bushes.

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1/2″ or 3⁄4-1 1⁄2″ Decorative stones

Available in two sizes, river stones can be used to create pedestrian walkways or to decorate flower beds. Entirely natural, river stones are an excellent way to protect plant roots from temperature variations and to slow the growth of weeds. 

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Do you have old materials?

Visit our recovery center on the South Shore of Montreal.